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*NOTE* When you look at my gallery, don't be suprised to not see a whole bunch of pictures ... Just click at ''Browse'' (instead of ''Featured'' on the top left) and you should see everything :)

I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Sketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlow Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS



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Véronique L.
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Profile picture : Sketch done by Jakkarrott and colors by me !


I Love You Stamp by MissBezz


:dummy: Quebec flag stamp by dartdan :heart: ... Lol, that's where I live you ignorant fool

Hey hey heyyyyyy, it's-a-me 8D
Well, I'm a girl ... I live in Canada, I speak French, and I'll KICK YOUR ASS oAo
Lol no xD

Ask me questions (if they are pertinent of course <<' ..) and I'll be happy to answer ^^


Things about me : I do NOT really role-play, I suck at it (especially in English). I'm a friendly person but will be kind of suspicious at first conversations. I have inside jokes for myself, sorry if I ever confuse you. 8D (to continue ?)

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Current Residence: Somewhere over the rainbow
Favourite genre of music: classical, movie soundtrack, jazz, metal AND MORE !!
Personal Quote: Crotte de bouc !
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Random music !
  • Drinking: waterrrrrrrrrr
Tagged by : ADFTlove 

1. Use no more than 5 villains.
2. They must be OCs
3. Answer each question in first person.
4. Please link me in the comments and credit me in the description.
5. Tag someone, please!

Greetings, and welcome to the "Villians Interview Meme". Whether you like it or not, you've been brought here to answer some questions about yourself. This is a recording, pausing and starting controlled by your author, so you cannot attack me.  If you begin to fight with one another, you WILL be sedated/strait-jacketed. Alright now, let's start.

Would you show the viewers a shred of kindness by allowing us to know your name(s)?
How wonderful ... I guess I can't get out of this since my creator, Véro, is pointing a knife to me in permanence - charming -. I am Jarod Hades Vampyrum, the king of my colony.

Are you male or female?

Last time I checked I'm a male !

How old are you in human years? 
Hard to say, at the beginning of my 50s ? Human years are so weird and long...

What exactly are you?
The most wonderful bat you will ever lay eyes on, I can guarantee it ! 

Do you have any powers?
I GUESS it could be considerated as spoilers, since Véro is looking at me with big eyes and a look that could kill ! But I'll tell anyway HAHARR. I developped several techniques of echolocations which allows me to read others' minds. Also I can 'hear' the stars. It is hard, but I had some help from someone ... ;)    

Who is your archrival, and what do you hate about them? Do they have powers?
Everybody ! HA! But, seriously, all those banished people like Axel and Hell are to be hated. If only I could find where they are hiding ....

Do you rule over any sort of land, country, county?
My pyramid of course ! Also a bit of the jungle surrounding it. At least, enough for the Vultures not to bring any problems to my colony.

Why are you considered "the bad guy"?
I'm handsome, I'm powerful, I have a pretty charming charisma... hmm, really, I can't see why? .. Oh, maybe because I want to sacrifice almost every hearts I see to Zotz? I guess that could be the reason *grins*

Do you consider yourself purely evil?
Probably not. I have a heart hidden underneath all this darkness - don't tell anybody though.

What do you think of the others in the quiz room?
Véro is still pointing a knife at me. .... I am strangely aroused. *is slapped* OK, OK, FORGET IT.

On a rate of one to ten, how powerful do you think the villain next to you is?
Véro's level must be zero and a half. ... <___< ... please don't hurt me sweetie

Now, how powerful do you consider yourself to be?
Oh please, Zotz helped me grow, I think I'm powerful enough -u-

Do you have an evil laugh?

Do ya fear death?
No. Death will only bring me closer to Zotz. I may not be ready to leave life already, but I will never say that I am scared.

What's your goal, exactly? Or are you just evil for the heck of it?
My goal is to bring out Zotz's commands and wishes to my colony and fulfill them. Voxzaco may be the priest, but he'll never have a deeper connection to our god than I.
I may seem evil to outsiders, but all Vampyrums from my clan are used to my way of doing things (and our monthly sacrifices).

Do you have henchmen/a henchman?
.. I guess Voxzaco can count -________- hurrfff

What do you drive?
.. I fly. >8C

What do you do when you aren't trying to do whatever you're trying to achieve?
I try to find new things to read on the stone table. Or just get into the pleasant company of females :dummy:

Were you ever a double-crosser (pretended to be on the opposite team, then stabbed them in the back)?

Hnfrgnnfrngngnnggnnnnn..... that I will not tell.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how often do you lie? *gives them truth syrum*
Why lying ? I'm really direct in my speech. ... I guess I only lie to manipulate *shhh shhhh*

What color is your: hair?
Black, oh yeehh
Yellow/Gold, the color of epicness.
My FUR is of a darkish grey, thank you.
Whats your uniform/favorite outfit?
Bats don't wear clothes, YAH SILLEH >:Y

Have you ever gone mad?
HA! HA HA! HAAAAAAAHAHA. oh dear, if only you knew~

If so, did you enjoy it?
I guess you could say that .... huhrurhur

Have any family?
I *had* a sister. She died unfortunately. Same for my parents (which is totally understandable as they were old farts)

Have you ever been in love? If you have, do they love you back?
Lluvia has a small place in my heart, yes. She loved me at first, but now she hates me so much. It's charming.

Can you cook?
I can skin my prey. It's pretty amusing 8D

Do you despise the Earth?
Heeehhh not really. I live on it so it's not a complete waste.

What's your pet peeve?
When people question my orders or when they ask stupid questions.

What kind of music to you like?
... the song of my people :Y

What's your favorite food?
I like little frightened bats HMMHMHMHMHHMRR 

Are you bored, want to kill me, satisfied with this quiz, etc.?
Would you mind giving your heart to Zotz, the one and only true god of darkness C8 ?!

Who's your favorite villain other than yourself?
PFF what a stupid question. Zotz, of course.

Do you think you're gonna die in your story?
*looks at Véro* AM I ?
Me : Idk dude. Keep pissing me off and you will
*kisses my feet* I understand, master
Me : good boy B) ...

Well, I have to go, and I'm sure you have a lot of evil scheming to do. Peace out! (Or should I say "destruction out!" in your cases?) For your creators, go tag someone! Please, it won't take long!

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